About Alice


I am a Puerto Rican writer, artist and creative consultant. 

I have a B.A. in Public Relations and Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington and I’m currently looking to pursue my MFA in Communications with an emphasis in digital marketing.

Sparking magic is my joy and I have years of experience working with creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses. I understand how overwhelming it can be to launch a new venture — throwing up Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts is easy, but creating effective, engaging content that is designed to elevate your business? That’s the hard part…and also where I come in.

As a creative myself, I love and engage with many forms of creativity: writing, knitting, sewing, painting and even tarot journaling. You can discover more about my personal creative endeavors at my personal website, here.

An Army-brat turned military spouse, I have lived a highly nomadic lifestyle. Since 2010, I have moved seven times! As a milspouse and a mother of two, I often find myself struggling with the notion of losing myself to motherhood -- pursuing my creative passions and consulting professionally allows me to stay sane between moves and tempter tantrums. Offering my services freelance offers me the opportunity to work no matter where the military sends us.

When not working or creating, I enjoy Netflix, playing video games and reading. My favorite genres to read are young adult and fantasy, but I also enjoy cozy mysteries, romance, art books and self-help books. My current favorite video game is "Fantasy Life" on Nintendo 3DS, Yonder for Switch and Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4. As for knitting, you can keep up with what's on my needles via Ravelry

I currently live on the West Coast with my husband, our two children and two pets.

About the Blog

Though still currently under construction, my blog here will primarily focus on time management tips and owning a small business while juggling a day job, family, etc. From time to time I may have featured creators share their own stories here, too. If you would like to be a contributor to this blog, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!